C.) Michelle Lemburg

As I’ve previously stated this title is full of seemingly obvious details that most people would overlook in the timing and observations made during the training and search and rescue attempts made days and weeks after the dissapearance of Flight-19. Self-published and written in the vernacular Lemburg boils down key points so that anyone not familiar with military acronymns processes and jargons can understand.

Other Titles for Consideration

When I started seriously researching the Flight-19 disappearance the first book I picked up was entitled “They Flew Into Oblivion” by Gian Quasar Since then there have been other authors and various media interpretations of the event. If I could go back I would have rethought the process.

In order to be as objective and unbiased as possible my advie to anyone reading about Flight-19, I would suggest that the individual begin by obtaining and reading the official Navy report from 1945/46 and then move onto “The Dissapearance of Flight-19” by Larry Kusche before reading anyone else.

The two items together would give anyone interested a solid base of information to start with.


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