Ship Deck Logs & Radar

 CVE-67 Escort Carrier 1941-1946 3 November 2016 As leader of the research group my plan was to search specifically for the deck logs of the USS Solomons CVE-67 from the December 1945 time frame.(Pic 1) We were successful in finding it and those of the ships in formation with it during the search for the … Continue reading Ship Deck Logs & Radar

Special List #44, World War II Vessels

In brief this list (special list #44) is essential to finding any deck logs from naval vessels during the World War II time frame. The book itself is over 100 pages long which explains why only a small portion is visible online. It would take a heck of a large PDF file to provide the information. … Continue reading Special List #44, World War II Vessels

NARA II Investigation Brief

6 November 2016 My research assistant Alice and I visited the National Archives in College Park Maryland this past week.  For three days-it was a working vacation- we scoured three different record groups located in the naval historical section of the archives. First off, I've got to say the staff at the archives is most … Continue reading NARA II Investigation Brief