B.) The Larry Kusche Archive

In my humble opinion, the writings of Larry Kusche, a retired librarian and civilian pilot, are the most prominent and undoubtedly the number one reference material in recording the raw data associated with Flight-19.

I make this statement simply if for no other reason than, to say that he is one of the only civilians to have not only had the opportunity to interview those actually involved with the events of that day, to the extent that he had, but I believe he is also the first person outside of the military to attempt to document his research and attempt to put the entire story together .

Historically speaking his proximity in time to the actual event makes him potentially the most knowledgeable and accurate historical source outside the navy.

However: as a Flight-19 Historian myself I find a few inconsistencies in his retelling of what he had learned in The Disappearance of Flight-19. and that what he wrote of in the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved.

ISBNS 0-06-464044-2, & 0-87975-971-2 respectively

However: now that most of those who were witnessed to this history have passed on, it makes the Larry Kusche Archives at the library at Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona, the crux of the base of any true Flight-19 investigation.

The ASU archives are the one and only corpus of empirical evidence gathered in one place outside of the National Archives and Records Administration and the NAS Ft. Lauderdale Museum in Florida. I have been fortunate enough to acquire the assistance of the professional staff at the library. Our communications included several scanned documents based on the finding aids found online at the link provided.

Once I selected a small cache of documents to examine they were nice enough to scan and email me copies of what was found. Unfortunately, I believe you will find that the documents are in a very raw state of organization, folders mislabeled, materials missing…etc. Still I thank them for the assisstance and look foward to visiting some time.

C.) Jon Myhre & Douglas Westfall

Larry Kusche maybe the best resource for contextual evidence for the Flight-19 pilot and crew biographies and investigation testimony, but Jon F. Myhre a Vietnam veteran, is the best resource for authoritative Flight-19 aeronautic and military navigation protocols and procedures. The man was both an experienced military and civilian pilot with years of training and aeronautical experience with the FAA and a dedicated Flight-19 researcher and historian.

He is also one of the only few people to have raised money and resources to actually physically look for the planes. He and a his associates of the now defunct Project-19 Inc, using the data available in Kusches writings and the navy report to actually plot possible wreck sites.

Through Special Books , Myhre was able to publish this review of his research and the struggles to prove his theory. And though I believe he was onto something and probably did find one if not two of the planes there are aspects of his research that I find perplexing and would love to ask him about.

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