To save you time on your journey, I whole heartedly recommend and suggest you considered first examining the following items as they are the most historically relevant to be found to date? To my knowledge they are the most timely, and the most thoroughly researched and substantiated documents in scope and depth that anyone has procured up to this point. The provenance is unquestionable and the aeronautical science and reconciliation in one or two particularly I believe is enough to turn the head of the most critical skeptic.

Now having said that keep in mind the need to continue to keep a critical eye. For as I believe any Historian will tell you, memories fade over time, people make mistakes, and there is always the opportunity for bias in retelling history.

The Cardinal FLIGHT-19 Resources


HISTORY HUB – A government history website posted by Nathaniela Patch of the National Archives with a section just about Flight-19 and efforts on research. It offers the most information and links to documents all in one location. Records of the Lost: Looking at the Records of Flight 19

NHHCNaval History and Heritage Command. There are a few links at the bottom of the page

NARA – I recommend visiting the National Archives in Fort Worth Texas where I believe the paper copy of this document exists, or click the link below to obtain a full unredacted copy.


CWMARS – Berkshire Athenaeum – the local history room of the Pittsfield Massachusetts public library has a copy of the Official Proceedings of the Flight-19 Board of investigation on microfilm that they obtained post 2008 when the Pittsfield branch of the National Archives closed.

CWMARS – West Springfield Public Library, “They Flew Into Oblivion” by Gian Quasar (ISBN 978-0-9888505-0-7 ) As far as I can tell it is the only copy of this book available in any public library in our outside of Massachusetts. (Central/Western Massachusetts Area Resource Sharing)


The Following books by Larry Kusche the godfather of Flight-19 research ” The Disappearance of Flight-19″ (ISBN 0-06-464044-2) and “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved” Copywright 1995 published by Prometheus Books, Amherst NY. 14228 (ISBN 087975-971-2) A follow up by Kusche can be found in the Skeptical Inquirer magazine online Volume 39, No 6 December 2015.

“The Discovery of Flight-19”by Jon Myhre, ISBN13: (978-1-891030-58-1) 2012 The Paragon Agency publishers at

Though the following books by Michelle Lemburg Flight-19 Depth Perception v1. ISBN (978-1520167718) v2. ISBN (979-8480557671), v3 (979-8496422390) are currently available on Amazon they may not be for long as they are self published.

I recommend purchasing versions 2 and 3 for indepth analysis of likely theories proposed using the evidence currently available. Just be forewarned of the authors unconventional style of prose and the quality of the reproductions. Refer to my previous review of the book in an earlier blog from 2018.

Just recently Andy Maracco has published the Flight-19 Report in a 2 volume set. At this time as far as I can tell it can be found on E-bay and at the NAS Fort Lauderdale museum. It is the recopying of the Official Navy Proceedings report with the exhibits placed in order of the progression of the actual hearing timeline.

“They Flew Into Oblivion” by Gian Quasar (ISBN 978-0-9888505-0-7 )


NAS Ft. Lauderdale MuseumFlight-19 page – Located on the grounds off one of the runways at the Broward County Hollywood Airport in Fort Lauderdale the director John Bloom is a very personable and affable Doctor of Medicine, a gastroenterologist, who along with a group of volunteers spends his spare time keeping the history alive. Please consider donating to this worthy cause. My words, not theirs.


Navy Filing Manual – From the National Archives & Records Administration 1941 Fourth Edition You will need to be prepared to work through this manual to find naval documentation in the National Archives.


South Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper – “Flight 19: Has mystery of Lost Patrol been solved?”, by Ken Kaye, April 07, 2014 4:23PM Mr. Kaye, now retired is one of the most prolific writers of stories surrounding Flight-19 in the Broward County area if not the world.

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