D.) Other Titles for Consideration

When I started seriously researching the Flight-19 disappearance the first book I picked up was entitled “They Flew Into Oblivion” by Gian Quasar (ISBN 978-0-9888505-0-7 ). His conclusion that all five planes may have crash landed in the Okeepenokee swamp in Georgia late in the evening December 5th, 1945 was novel to me back then, and with my lack of knowledge of the Avenger aircraft and the weather situation that day it seemed quite plausible. I even went so far as to ask to have the Quasar book added to the local library collection for fellow enthusiasts.

Though what he proposes is not out of the realm of possibility,- it certainly beets the planes being on another planet for logic- I find his style of writing non-fiction interesting, narrative in nature, and hard to follow. It is unlike any factual investigative publication I have ever read before. There is no traditional index or bibliography to speak of, but he does have a minimal amount of footnotes and an acknowledgement page at the end dedocated to the people he interviewed.

Not being able to easily find attributions of information to the sources on the acknowledgment pages, nor track down the alleged outcomes and claims made in the book, it took me a while to realize that I had an untraditional resource on my hands.

Still his writing kept me glued to the book and through the narration Quasar pointed me in the direction of the only primary historical source available; the official Navy report. Now that we are back at the beginning, you can see how everything starts with the navy and will likely only end when the navy allows it to end.


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