Five Sides Scope: Compasses & Gyroscopes

My Direction: This Page and subsequent blog have been created and are being kept by me; not so much for the individual interested in the topic of the disappearance of Flight-19, but more so for the purposes of record keeping.  I will use it as a timeline in the research of the topic for at least one book I intend to write.

In my endeavor to learn more about the circumstances behind the “Lost patrol”, the scope of my research will take virtually nothing for granted and strive to consider just about any and every option to the causes behind and location of the 14 crew members of Flight – 19. I plan to keep an open mind, and consider all theories and accept all fact, cast a wide net and eliminate as much as I can logically, along the way.

For those of you who follow the blog, my research is considered tertiary, that is to say third hand, much of it will be based on the decades of secondary evidence, previous experiences and investigation of true pioneers in Flight -19 Investigation: Mr. Larry Kusche, Mr. Jon Myhre, and Mr. Gian Quasar. They have been fortunate enough to be able to interview many of those involved and familiar with many of the aspects of the Flight, Disappearance, and Naval Inquiry into the loss of Flight-19, something no one else will be able to do in the future.

My other option is to find information as of yet unavailable or undiscovered regarding the incident. With that in mind, if providence allows I plan on visiting several repositories of associated documents to include the Naval Air Museum at Ft. Lauderdale Florida, (previously Naval Air Station Ft. Lauderdale), the Larry Kusche Archives in Arizona, Boston University Library and the Allan W. Ekert papers and the National Archives in Waltham MA, as well as those in Washington D.C.

If by chance the information I provide or the assumptions I make inspires or helps someone else find an answer to the mystery of this enigma more easily, so be it.  My main goal after all is to find the location of the planes and give closure; relief to the relatives of these World War II era; what I consider, (MIA) Missing in Action, air crews.