PIN THE TAIL ON THE .50 CAL |Tracking a machine gun.

Can you identify this mount?


Ft. Lauderdale or Bust!

To all my followers! Yes, all 8 of you. Here's my conundrum. I will shortly be becoming a Grand father not once but twice in the next several months. Thank you, thank you!! I am as you can imagine very excited. But that's not the problem. I need to get to Ft. Lauderdale to research… Continue reading Ft. Lauderdale or Bust!


DECEMBER 5TH, 1945 MEMORIAL | A day that lives in Infamy!

Alongside December 7th, 1942, December 5th, 1945 is also a day that will forever be remembered infamously. Why is that you ask?  Because it too was a day of great loss; another senseless tragedy for the country. We remember on that day 72 years ago when 14; World War II veterans; naval aviators and crew,… Continue reading DECEMBER 5TH, 1945 MEMORIAL | A day that lives in Infamy!

Bermuda Triangle, Flight-19, Missing Navy Aircraft, Missing Navy Aircraft, Missing Navy AirCrews

C.C. Taylor and Possible PTSD?

Is it possible that Lt. Charles C.Taylor could have been suffering some kind of medical malady while leading the Flight-19 training mission on December 5th, 1945? It is a plausible theory. One that needs to be considered. Weather or not he was suffering from the after effects of a late night on the town, or… Continue reading C.C. Taylor and Possible PTSD?


Special List #44, World War II Vessels

In brief this list (special list #44) is essential to finding any deck logs from naval vessels during the World War II time frame. The book itself is over 100 pages long which explains why only a small portion is visible online. It would take a heck of a large PDF file to provide the information.… Continue reading Special List #44, World War II Vessels


NARA II Investigation Brief

6 November 2016 My research assistant Alice and I visited the National Archives in College Park Maryland this past week.  For three days-it was a working vacation- we scoured three different record groups located in the naval historical section of the archives. First off, I've got to say the staff at the archives is most… Continue reading NARA II Investigation Brief


On the Trail of the Deck Logs: Correspondence with NHHC(*)

Approximately  a month and a half ago I made a Freedom of Information Inquiry to the Department of the Navy, specifically the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington D.C. trying to find the lost Deck Logs from the USS Solomons, (CVE-67). I surprisingly received my reply yesterday 4 May 2016.  I say surprised because… Continue reading On the Trail of the Deck Logs: Correspondence with NHHC(*)