Because Their There!!

My Page and Blog are about my research into the disappearance of a flight of Navy TBM Torpedo bombers back in 1945.  It’s not just any flight of planes, but that of Flight-19, the corner stone of Modern Bermuda Triangle lore.

Simply put, I want to find the planes, so I can find the crews, and bring them home.


Fox Tare-28 (FT-28) TBM-3D BuNo 23307

Fox Tare-36 (FT-36) TBM-1C BuNo 46094

Fox Tare-117(FT- 117)TBM-1C BuNo 73209

Fox Tare-81 (FT-81)TBM-1C BuNo 46325

Fox Tare-3 (FT-3)TBM-1C BuNo 45714


FT-28 TAYLOR, Charles Carroll, Lieutenant, USNR, 114685, Flt. Ldr.

PARPART, Walter Reed, Aviation Radioman, 3rd Class, USNR, 714-19-16

DEVLIN, (Harmon), George Francis, Aviation Radioman, 3rd Class, USNR, 711-02-11

FT-3 BOSSI, Joseph Tipton, Ensign, USNR, 470677

THELANDER, Herman Arthur, Seaman 1st Class, USNR, 758-44-37

BALOK, Burt Edward, Jr., Seaman 1st Class, USNR, 714-91-50

FT-36 POWERS, Edward Joseph, Jr., Captain, USMC, 09789

THOMPSON, Howell Orrin, Staff Sergeant, USMCR, 499181

PAONESSA, George Richard, Staff Sergeant, USMC, 805639

FT-81 GERBER, Forrest James, 2nd Lieutenant, USMCR, 047223

LIGHTFOOT, William Earl, Private 1st Class, USMCR, 519803

FT-117 STIVERS, George William, Captain, USMC, 010959

GRUEBEL, Robert Peter, Private, USMCR, 563782

GALLIVAN, Robert Francis, Sergeant, USMC, 359343

We need to recognize that these 14 souls are veterans, most of them Marines, and they all  deserve better than what they got. Many saw combat in the Pacific and who after surviving the largest scale war ever fought on the face of this planet, (World War II), were lost, not in War but in peace-time. These guys made it out. They just haven’t returned home yet and I want them to have that opportunity.

Today several organizations spend time and great deals of money trying to locate the remains of veterans who never returned or were lost on foreign shores. A worthy cause for sure.

But the men of Flight-19  were not hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, but less than 100 miles off the Florida coast. Should they receive less consideration?

If I can move even one step closer or help someone else find a piece of the puzzle to their discovery, my time will be well spent.

Their return is long overdue and this blog will act as a record of my research and discoveries for future reference.

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