Waltham NARA Research

My intentions for research in December will be to visit the National Archives in Waltham Massachusetts to look into the following:

Boston Naval Yard

Yard Activity Docking Record (vessel repair / repair in drydock), 1945-46 Shipyard (Station) Logs of the South Boston Naval Annex,
Correspondence Concerning Ships (Ships Files) 1945-46
Public Relations Office Ships’ Historical Files, 1945-1946

Records of the 1st Naval District

Port Director – Vessel Acquisition, Inspection & Disposition Files, (includes photographs), 1945-1947
1945-1946 Convoy Sailing Orders & Related Records, 1944-1945 Pier Office Station Logs, 1943-1945 Correspondence, 1945-1946
General Correspondence (central administrative files known as the “District Files”), 1945-1946\
General Correspondence [Formerly Security-Classified], 1945-1947
1946 Administrative Correspondence, 1945-1946 Historical Data, 1945-1946.

Operations Officer – Logs: Ship Controller Logs (Rough),1944-1945 Ship Controller Logs (Smooth), 1942-1946


General Correspondence [Formerly Security-Classified], 1945-1946
General Correspondence (central administrative files known as the “District Files”), 1945-1946

Historical Officer Daily Historical Log (“Significant Headlines”), 1945-1946
Public Information Officer – Publicity & Press Files, 1944-1946

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