USS Solomons Found!!

As of last Friday June 10th 2016, I had finally verified the location of the 'missing' CVE-67 USS Solomons decklog. A minor success for me, but potentially a huge one for anyone following in my steps and  researching the flight-19 mystery. The written record covering the official ship activities from May 1945 to June 1946; come to find out… Continue reading USS Solomons Found!!


Book(s) Research Status Update

If you are following this blog, you may or may not be aware, but I am currently researching for two books on the subject of Flight-19.  Both ideas are proving to be very difficult to move forward with for one reason or another. The First - is a work of Non-Fiction. As much of my blog… Continue reading Book(s) Research Status Update


The Search for Captain Smith (CVE-67)

The USS Solomons CVE-67 had three commanding officers during its short existence. The last Captain seemingly, was Allen Smith Jr.(pictured below?) Former skipper of the CVE-90 Thetis Bay. Captain Smith relieved Captain R. S Moss in February of 1946 and at some point before late 1946 signed the ship over for decommissioning at the Boston Navy Yard.… Continue reading The Search for Captain Smith (CVE-67)


Solomons Search Results 11 December 2015

Waltham, Massachusetts - After spending about 15 minutes filling out the application for a NARA research card and viewing a PowerPoint introduction to the procedures and policies of the archives, I was allowed access to the secured research room.    The staff were very polite and customer oriented. Because I had requested in advance the materials… Continue reading Solomons Search Results 11 December 2015


Waltham NARA Research

My intentions for research in December will be to visit the National Archives in Waltham Massachusetts to look into the following: Boston Naval Yard Yard Activity Docking Record (vessel repair / repair in drydock), 1945-46 Shipyard (Station) Logs of the South Boston Naval Annex, Correspondence Concerning Ships (Ships Files) 1945-46 Public Relations Office Ships' Historical… Continue reading Waltham NARA Research

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N.A.S Ft. Lauderdale Training Schedule for, Weds Dec 5th 1945.

One of the questions I've had since the start of my investigation, and one subject I haven't seen addressed very thoroughly is: How many planes were in the air that day. How many were in the air after or concurrently with the 14:10 take off of Flight- 19? How many other training or navigation problems flew out of Ft.… Continue reading N.A.S Ft. Lauderdale Training Schedule for, Weds Dec 5th 1945.


Not Widely Knowns about Flight 19

People reading about the disappearance of Flight 19 are always mesmerized by the mystery behind the circumstances. It's what drew me to it when I was a kid.  Though it is highly unlikely that anything super natural can be associated with the loss of the planes.  There are several little known and little talked about… Continue reading Not Widely Knowns about Flight 19


The Board of Inquiry Report Flight-19 February 1946

To all of you following me on my book research adventure " Welcome and Bienvenue."   I came across a piece of gold last night. No not literally. I discovered the location of the USS Solomons CVE-67 Dec 5th, 1945. While reading radio logs I found a transmission giving the coordinates and speed of the vessel. It's… Continue reading The Board of Inquiry Report Flight-19 February 1946