The Board of Inquiry Report Flight-19 February 1946

To all of you following me on my book research adventure ” Welcome and Bienvenue.”   I came across a piece of gold last night. No not literally. I discovered the location of the USS Solomons CVE-67 Dec 5th, 1945. While reading radio logs I found a transmission giving the coordinates and speed of the vessel. It’s one of the foundation pieces to my research. What’s also indicated, and it’s just an interesting fact, but US Navy Aircraft carriers don’t travel alone. There was at least a small escort of two sweepers of some kind, and an oil replenishment ship nearby as well. None but the Solomon’s seem to have had radar, but there was more likely a destroyer or destroyer escort nearby which may have.

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2 thoughts on “The Board of Inquiry Report Flight-19 February 1946

    1. Thanks Ann.

      It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now: write a book, and I have finally been able to find some time.
      The topic might put some people off, but I too find it intriguing. I can recommend a few books if you’d like? Otherwise feel free to
      keep following my posts. I’d appreciate any feedback.

      Thanks again.



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